A Cleric of Pelor, who has a need to fight for what is right and protect whatever ground remains.
A Rogue, respectable land-owner and brewer by day, master thief by night who is in it for the treasure.
A Warrior turned Paladin, who has found herself in constant turmoil and seeks her path to true righteousness.
A Psion, defector of his race and member of a dwindling resistance who seeks the power to fight back against a reigning tyrant.
A Ranger, unburdened by concerns of religion and questions about the future, who took one job that changed her path forever.
A Sorcerer, who fought against the tide that kept him from the truth, only to find himself beset by even more riddles.

An unspeakable horror, unwittingly unleashed, who wishes to plunge all into utter chaos before complete annihilation.

Dragon's Chance/The Invasion